Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ah, mais oui, mon petite skunk femme fatale. Hohnhh?!?

If a nice monster can't get a nice hairdoo I don't know what this world is coming to.

Walkin' nekkid around the house for two days now - and lovin' it! Everyone should get rid of a deadbeat now and then. It's great!

My friend Lenny is the best! He's the brother I wish I had. He would do just about anything for me. And I would do just about anything for him and his family. They've always treated me like family - well, better than family. His son just turned 18 two days ago. I can hardly believe it! I remember holding Jacob in my hands when he was born. Actually, Lenny's wife Judy doesn't know it was just a couple days after they got out of the hospital and Lenny brought Jake to the Hudson River where I was diving and handed him down off the pier to me (not unlike handing down a large hero sandwich at lunchtime). He was so proud, and pleased with himself.

Jacob has not been easy. He's a high functioning autistic. But, he's amazingly smart I think, and really charming is his special way. The thing about him is, just when you think he's not connecting to the world, he makes a really relevant statement that absolutely cracks you up. It's really easy to dismiss what seem like disjointed non-sequitur comments, but to me, if I just stop thinking, and simply listen to him - he just has a different speed, or frequency, that most people don't bother to hear. It's like he's thinking at ten times normal speed and editing for a different audience. And when I really listen, I hear how funny and clever he is. He has the kind of wit that could write comedy for TV or the movies - if only he had a partner to sort of modulate or attenuate him.

I think I shouldn't mix cough syrup with sleeping pills.


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