Friday, June 24, 2005

I wish you could be named, my secret friend.

My dearest pumpkin,

I've missed you since you left me on that Wednesday night I'll never forget. I deeply regret how we parted and I think about you constantly - usually with a smile on my face. Regardless of what we become in the future, I would not give up one moment of the past - of our time together and apart. You touched my heart in a way that I was afraid I'd lost the capacity for these past years, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Our time together meant more to me than you can possibly know, and for different reasons than you might suppose.

Images of you that I'm left with:

Your sweet face while asleep in the early morning.

Eyes, bright with humor soaring over your charming, infectious laugh.

Your strong yet graceful hands.

Your friend always, and more,


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