Saturday, June 25, 2005

Settling in again, I guess.

Just got back from a tenants rights rally to support my neighbors who are being evicted. It was a fairly large turnout with at least 150 local community members and over a half dozen elected officials promising strong support. The event and issue was covered by several news channels and is featured on the front page on the NY Times Sunday real-estate section.

I was invited out for drinks and dinner by a friend whom I hadn't seen for at least two months. she took me to a nice Mexican restaurant that served very interesting pre-Hispanic dishes and fantastic margaritas in a beautiful outdoor garden - you would have loved it. We wound up working on a treatment for a 1930's period musical comedy she was contracted to write for producers in China. My job was to figure out the reason for a big Kung-Fu fight that the producers required. Great fun and very productive to boot! We may go sailing tomorrow since my dive on the submarine today was cancelled. I've got to get out on the water somehow - my gills are drying up. Well, at least my surfboard is ready to be picked up this coming week and I'll hit the waves no later than Saturday. Cowabunga!!

Tonight, I'm attending a fundraiser dinner/dance at that East River ecology center I've been working with. Great people, great food and bad dancing - how can I go wrong?

Anyway, congrats on a good time on the courts today, and good luck tonight on your date.

As ever,
- Me

PS: It'd be really nice to hear from you sometime- I miss your voice.


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